RTU Specialty Curbs and Curb Adapters for Houston, TX and North America

  • When you install curb adapters, welded RTU (rooftop unit) curbs or equipment supports for your rooftop HVAC package, going with the wrong curb adapter company can cost you big-time. The slightest inefficiency or mismatch in design or engineering can create blow-back resistance that can wear down your climate control fan parts and cause your equipment to waste costly energy. That’s why you need to go with a real pro — a curb adapter company with the track record and expertise to create perfectly customized products for your individual RTU system. And who better than one of the pioneers of the industry — Curbco?

About Curbco

In 1977 a small custom sheet metal shop, known as Spring Branch Sheet Metal (SBSM) opened its doors with seven employees. After years of producing sheet metal products ranging from decorative copper awnings to kitchen hoods, SBSM found a niche in the market of rooftop HVAC accessories. In 1983, the name Curbco was trademarked and the evolution began from local sheet metal shop to a nationally recognized supplier throughout the HVAC industry.


For decades we have been revolutionizing the HVAC retrofit business, and we don’t think we should take our foot of the gas now! Would it help you to have instant access to curb adapter pricing (including freight) and submittal drawings, that your customer can approve with their phone? Well now YOU CAN!  Get what you need from Curbco...24/7...heck, Anytime!


Curbco has built a reputation as an industry leader in Quick-Turn Production and Service in the Planned and Unplanned HVAC retrofit business. For this distinction we thank our Loyal Customers and our diversely talented team with backgrounds in HVAC Equipment Distribution, Mechanical Engineering Design, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Business Management.