Equipment Supports

Any piece of HVAC equipment is only as good as its installation which means that your equipment supports should boast the same quality construction and materials as the expensive units they hold in place. We start with 18-gauge galvanized steel, solid internal bracing, and continuous or spot welded seams on all our equipment supports, and we offer upgrade options as well.

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We’ll take it from there to create supports that bring you many years of service.

Standard Features:

  • 18 gauge galvanized body
  • Continuous welded seam
  • Wood Nailer
  • 24 gauge galvanized cap
  • Spot welded seam
  • Internal braces 24″ on center

Optional Features:

  • 14-16 gauge galvanized body
  • .063 or .080 aluminum body
  • 18 gauge 304 stainless steel body
  • 18 gauge 304 stainless steel cap, spot weld
  • Welded 18 gauge galvanized cap