Online Submittal Approval…Reducing “Hassle”

We require our submittal drawings to be signed by the installing contractor, we have done our best to explain why we require this to be done here The Purpose of of a Submittal Drawing and we also explain how to read one of our submittal drawings here How to Read a Submittal Drawing.

In a nutshell we don’t know what is on the roof that could get in the way of the new unit once it is installed on the top of one of our adapters, and we don’t want anyone to own an “Extra Adapter“.  We want your installation to go as smoothly as possible and for the indoor comfort to be renewed as quickly as possible; No one wins when the adapter configuration causes a problem on the roof.

We realize this can appear to be a hassle,  but one that has served our customers and their customers well, over the past 30 years.  There was a time many years ago before we knew what we were doing that we did not require this “hassle” and we got dangerously close to closing our doors because we had so many unhappy customers.  Then we started requiring our submittal drawings to be signed and since that time 98% of our business has come from returning customers who have seen the value in having the installing contractor approve the drawing before production.

Having said all that, we would like to share a tool that we have put together to help our customers and their installing contractors approve a drawing from anywhere 24 hours a day 7 days a week with internet access.


Once the Submit button is selected, the contractor, the sales representative and Curbco will all have what we need to get your adapter into production, as soon the PO is received!!!

NOTE: If you are working with a company who is not requiring an approval of a design before the manufacturing of your adapter, then we would suggest you seriously take a close look at who you are working with.  Just because they have been making things out of sheet metal for 50 years, does not mean they have learned what it takes to be in the Curb Adapter business, and we can promise you, you DO NOT want to be the one standing on the roof when that crane sets a unit down on top of an adapter that is directly over a FART FAN vent!