Information Needed to Order a Curb Adapter

1. Existing and new unit manufacturer and model number. (As complete as possible).

2. Check the installation to make sure a factory curb was originally used. (Some of the “good old boys” made their own curbs)

3. Check the existing duct-work to make sure it is supported by the existing curb. (not attached to the existing unit)

4. Measure the existing curb (not the unit) so that you can be sure that the dimensions on the submittal match what you need. (Some of the model numbers are misleading)  ***IMPORTANT***

5. If the unit model number is missing or unreadable, measure the existing curb and duct using the “Field Survey” Form.  (We must have references to a corner to properly locate the openings in the existing curb)

6. Make an overall survey of the roof to locate obstacles such as walls, other units, fans, exhaust vents, etc. that might conflict with the new curb adapter installation.

7. We can change any adapter design to accommodate odd or difficult installation situations 99% of the time. This is why we prepare submittal drawings – so that you can verify that what we have designed actually “works” in your particular field situation before you get the adapter to the job. We want your installation to be smooth and fast.