Top 10 things you can do with an Extra Curb Adapter

10. You can use it as a planter box! Your wife will love it when you come home with a curb adapter and tell your wife she can grow flowers in it.

9. Boat Anchor! If your like me I am always hanging my anchor up and having to cut it loose, great to know you have a backup!

8. Bastardize it so it will work on your next replacement.  With a sawzall, some duct tape and duct board your guys can make anything work, besides they need the overtime!

7. Drop it off at the scrap yard! Might as well get some money for it, now this might mean you get 10 cents on the dollar, but hey that is about how much time you saved NOT making sure the design of the unit was correct, so your at 20 cents on the dollar, go buy some beer and celebrate! (make that Cheap Beer)

6. A Platform to stand on! Throw a piece of plywood on the top and wala!  You have a great platform to stand on, let’s face it, we all wish we were a little taller, and the guys in the back can here you at your next company meeting.

5. Boot Scraper.  If you flip the adapter upside down, so the top is down, you have a nice 2″ flange sticking straight up to scrape your boots on.  We all hate muddy boots, not too mention when you get something other than mud on them, BONUS!