What is a Curb Adapter Anyway?

Let’s start with…What is a curb?

In this context a curb is a device used to create an opening in a roof, it separates the roofing material and provides structural support for the equipment that will sit on it.  In a Roof Top Unit (RTU) application, inside the curb will be supports where ducts will hang so the air can flow through the roof into the inside of the building.

What is a curb adapter?

Often when an RTU is being replaced, the new unit does not identically match the existing curb size and duct drop locations.  A curb adapter must be custom made to transition the air from the new unit openings, to the old unit openings.  Here is our Curb Adapter Page to illustrate.

What types of HVAC equipment will your curb adapter fit?

Our curb adapters are custom made for your needs. We can build to fit any brand and any size of equipment, but we mostly help customers replacing 25 ton and under RTU’s.

What information do I need to provide for a curb adapter?

We will need to receive your contact information along with the ship to city and zip.  We will also need to know manufacturer, model #, of both the existing and new units.  All required information can be sent through our online quote page.

Where can you deliver a curb adapter?

We can deliver your curb adapter anywhere in North America.

When can I get my curb adapter delivered?

Specific delivery times depend on your location, our typical manufacturing time is 2-3 days, but depending on the shipper the delivery time could be from 1-5 days.

How can I order my customized curb adapter?

Start by going through our online quote page or emailing sales@curbco.com or calling 866-469-2240

We look forward to helping you the next time you need to change out an RTU FAST!